Zooby Baby Stats represent how happy your baby is, what is needed to keep your baby well, how long before you need to replenish supplies, how old your baby is, and if your baby is currently growing.



The above image has the following stats:


Name : Jade
A name can be changed at any time.


Stage : 24
Babies can reach a total of 48 stages.


Not currently growing :
If you give your baby ‘Baby Brain Booster Stars’, growth will occur. If your baby does not have a star, then no growth occurs. Growth is represented by stages in development and size. Newborns begin at stage 0 and babies begin at stage 24.


Tokens : 0
One token is offered once per day if you keep your baby 100% happy. Tokens can be exchanged for toys.


Food : 0%
If you feed your baby once per day, the Food meter will reach 100%.


Hygiene : 0%
If you bathe your baby once per day, the Hygiene meter will reach 100%.


Rest : 0%
If you put your baby in a crib, cradle, or toddler bed once per day, the Rest meter will reach 100%.


Love : 0%
If you hold your baby once per day, the Love meter will reach 100%.


Diaper : 0%
If you change your baby’s diaper once per day, the Diaper meter will reach 100%.


Happiness Timer : 23 hrs 39 mins left
When you first rez your baby, the happiness timer starts. Within this 24 hour time frame it is necessary to give your baby a bath, put your baby to bed, hold your baby, and change your baby’s diaper one time. Doing so will allow your baby to gain one token every 24 hours. When the 24 hour happiness timer is over, the stats reset to 0 and another 24 hour happiness timer begins.


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