The first time you rez your baby, the 24 hr happiness timer begins.  To reach 100% happiness you will need to fulfill all of your baby’s needs one time within the next 24 hrs. You must offer your baby one bottle (vitamin or jar food), one bath with wash, one diaper change with a diaper, hold your baby and put your baby to bed.


At the end of 24 hours, the timer will reset. Happiness supply status will drop below 100%.  You do not need to wait for happiness to drop to 0% (only 86% or lower) until you fulfill your baby’s needs again.


Your baby's happiness & when it resets depends upon the timer inside your baby & not the time that you choose to give your baby care.


For example, if your baby’s happiness timer has reached 23 hours and 30 min and you fulfill all your baby’s needs at that time, the timer will still reset in 30 min. You can continue to care for your baby, but your baby’s supply status will drop to 86%.


To increase your baby's happiness you must use new care supplies each time happiness drops below 100%. You cannot double up on care supplies. Care supplies also have a 24 hour timer. This means that you can continue to use them for 24 hours after you assign them to your baby.



Note:  It is possible to reset your baby’s happiness timer by keeping your baby in your inventory until after the happiness timer is due to reset again.  If you do that your baby's happiness will be reset to the next time you rez your baby from your inventory.