There is no penalty to your baby if you should forget or opt not to take care of daily happiness needs.  Your baby will never become sick and will never die.


Your baby's growth is not effected by whether or not you give happiness care.  Baby growth and stages are increased through brain booster stars only.


A parent or friend to your baby can purchase, assign, and provide care supplies, allowing your baby to increase happiness.


You can use all care supplies 24 hours from the time you first assign them to your baby. However, care supplies only raise your baby's stats the first time you use them.


You not not need to be the owner of a bathtub, changing table, high chair, or crib for your baby to be able to use them. However, in order for your baby to gain happiness from them, you should add the owner of the items to be friends with your baby.


To add a friend or parent to your baby, click your baby, click Kinship, click Friends or Parents, then click Add Friend or Select Parent.


It's advisable when caring & immediately after caring for your baby that you do not use "detach" to remove your baby. Instead, right click on your baby & select "drop" from the menu to set your baby down. This helps save the stats & information more effectively.


It does not matter what time of day or which order you choose to take care of your baby's needs. You may choose to take care of your baby's needs in whatever order or time that suits you as long as it's within the happiness timer's 24 hour period.


It is very important to let happiness status drop below 100% before assigning & using new care items with your baby. Your baby's happiness  will not go up or stay at 100% if you assign and use the care items prior to that.