You can determine how happy your baby is by viewing your baby’s Happiness Stats. You will need to purchase and use Zooby Baby supplies to maintain happiness throughout the day. Friends and parents of your baby can use supplies to raise happiness as well.



Food --------------

Zooby Baby Bottles, Baby Jars or Vitamins

Hygiene >> --------------

Zooby Baby Tubs + Baby Wash

Rest --------------

Zooby Baby Cribs, Cradles, or Toddler Beds

Love --------------

Zooby Baby Love Hearts or holding

Diaper --------------

Zooby Baby Changing Table + Diapers



A Zooby bath tub + wash used once per day will raise your baby’s Hygiene meter to 100%.

Tub & Wash

A bath tub + wash can be used at any stage

1. Rez a tub
2. Rez baby wash
3. Rez your baby
4. Stand on the mat next to the tub
5. Click the baby wash, assign it to your baby and begin

After you assign baby wash, her Hygiene meter reaches 100%. It remains at 100% until her 24 hour Happiness Timer reaches zero. You can continue to give your baby a bath until the wash is used up, but you will need to purchase more baby wash to bring her Hygiene meter back to 100%.

For example, I rez my baby and her timer begins. I wait 4 hours. I then rez a new baby wash and assign it to my baby. My baby has 20 hours left in her happiness, then her Hygiene meter will drop below 100%. Although I can continue to use the baby wash, I will need to provide her with new baby wash for her Hygiene meter to go back to 100%.




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