Zooby offers a large variety of high chairs in which to feed your babies. Each high chair comes with two versions: one with a chair you can sit in, and one with a mat you can stand on. Only babies at stage 22 and above can use a high chair.


High Chairs are modifiable and copyable. They are not transferable. Anyone who is friends with your baby can sit in the high chair and feed her. A friend can also purchase baby food and feed your baby. To add a friend, click your baby, click the button Friends, and select a friend.



To use a Zooby baby high chair, follow these steps:




Rez the high chair.


Rez or attach jar food and attach the spoon.


Rez your baby.

4. Sit on the chair or stand on the mat next to the highchair.
5. Click the high chair and select your baby to sit in it.

Click the jar food, assign it to your baby and begin!


FITS ALL AVATARS: The highchair seat and mat are not attached to the baby highchair. Anyone seated can manually move the seat or mat up, down, left or right to get food into the baby's mouth.





You can tote your baby around in style in many various baby carriers available from Zoobyville. Each carrier comes with a male and female version, and you can choose from either a single carrier for one baby or a double carrier for two babies. Carriers can be used at any stage.


Carriers are copyable and modifiable. They are not transferable. Only the owner of a baby can use the carrier. If you would like your partner to carry your baby, he must purchase his own carrier and you must transfer your baby to him.


To use a baby carrier or double carrier, follow these steps:





Detach all AOs you are wearing. Rez the carrier and click it.



Click Attach and click YES to animate your avatar.


--- Single Carrier ---


Rez your baby, click her and select Hold.


-- or --


--- Double Carrier ---


FIRST BABY OR NEWBORN - Rez your baby, click her and select Hold.

SECOND BABY OR NEWBORN - Locate your second baby in your inventory, right click and attach to right forearm.



AO Walk: Allows you to have a male or female walking animation.

Offsets: You can manually move your baby while she is in the carrier. Manually moving your baby will NOT move her in any other holding position. Once you do, click the Save button. Click Clear to clear the current offset. Click Go to Default to go back to her default offset. Click Go to Offset to go to the new offset you created.