Will my baby get sick if I miss a day of taking care of her, or leave her in my inventory?

No. Your baby will never get sick and will never die.



I do not have the ‘My Name’ option in the menu to rename my baby:
To have this option your baby must be rezzed onto the ground or in a crib.  You will not have this option if you are holding your baby.


I do not get any options when I try to click my baby while my partner is holding it:
This is normal.  You will have options to interact with your baby once your partner puts the baby down again.


My Partner/Parent2 does not have the option to hold or pick up my baby:
This is normal & intended.  This protects you the parent (owner of the baby) from having your baby stolen/taken without your consent.


My baby is not positioned properly while I am holding him: 

Click your baby while he is attached and try this:


Select Poses then ResetPos from the menu
Right click baby & select Drop 
Click your baby & select Hold


I am unable to dress my baby from the closet:
Check the closet section of the site for answers to many common closet issues/questions.  If you still can not figure out how to resolve your issue from there, then try this:


Retrieve your baby with a retrieval box.
Take a copy of your closet and bring baby & copy of closet to another sim & try using it there.
There may be an issue with the outfit itself you're trying to put on your baby. You will need to contact the
creator of the outfit in this case.


My new baby will not register properly:
For instructions to properly register your new baby, please go to Unpacking Zooby Baby. If you've followed those instructions & are continuing to have an issue please try rezzing your new baby on a different sim.  This often resolves the issue.


My baby keeps disappearing from my inventory:
This is a Second Life inventory issue.


If you have your baby attached and you would like him rezzed on the ground, please right click and drop him. 
He will detach from your avatar and sit on the ground next to you. (If the drop option is grayed out on your
menu please make sure that you're on land you're able to rez on & check your active group to assure that you
have the correct group activated for the land that you're on.)
If you would like to detach your baby and have him in your inventory, right click and detach, but wait about 5-10
seconds before teleporting to another sim.
If you detach your baby and she winds up in your inventory and not in any particular folder, please do NOT move
her.  Quit SL and then relog.  Usually she automatically moves herself to your Objects folder, Lost and Found
folder, or Trash.
If you think your baby is somewhere in your inventory, click the Search button in your inventory and type your
baby's name.


I am unable to Right Click and Drop my baby:
If the drop option is grayed out on your menu that's usually for a few reasons:


You may be on land that you're unable to rez object on.  Go to land that you know that you're able to rez objects
You may not have the correct group activated for the land you're on. Change your active group to the same one
that the land information indicates.


There is a Zooby item lost on my land:


At the top of your second life viewer Select WORLD then AREA SEARCH
A search window will pop up
Type in the name of the item (or as close as you remember it)
If the item is on the land or similar named items they will appear in the list.  
Click the name of the item your looking for from the list & it will become highlighted
Follow the red arrow & beam then you'll find the item


There is a Zooby item missing from my inventory:


Please Read & follow the instructions here: Inventory Loss
If step 1 doesn't resolve your issue & the item is a Non Transferable item purchased within 30 days (Up to 2 days 
permitted for transferable items) please look up your transaction history at: www.secondlife.com
Open an IM or a note card to send the info (CTRL+C to copy transaction history, CTRL+V to paste) to a Zooby CSR 
for assistance.