Congratulations on your new baby!


Becoming a parent in Second Life can be quite confusing and nerve-wracking, just like in real life. But it doesn't have to be! Zooby's Babies aims to make this experience as painless and enjoyable as possible with this simple guide to beginning your journey as a family.


What you will want or need for your new little one will greatly depend upon what you'd like to get out of your adventures in Second Life parenting. For the parents wishing to have the full Zooby Baby experience, we have provided a list of items you will need to purchase to help you get started:



The perfect baby:



You will want to buy at least one Zooby Newborn or Zooby Baby.



If you are roleplaying a pregnancy, we recommend the Zooby Newborn.

If you are looking for a more grown-up baby, we recommend the Zooby Baby.

Both versions of the baby will grow all the way to full size without ever having to purchase an additional baby!





To help your baby learn & grow:


Brain Booster Star


One brain booster star helps your baby go up in one stage.

Read more information on Brain Booster Stars.





To care for your baby & keep her happy:



Zooby Crib, Bassinet, Cradle, Playpen, or Toddler Bed
Zooby Changing Table
Zooby Bath Tub


-- and --


Vitamins, Bottles, Blood Bottles, Jar Food (Stage 22+), or Snack Bites (Stage 51+)
Diaper Boxes or Pull-ups (& potty for Stage 49+)
Baby Wash


You may also want to consider a Zooby Baby Diaper Bag and refills.

Read more information on baby's Happiness Meter.





To dress your baby:


Zooby Baby Clothing Boxes - Available from Zooby's or our affiliates.

Universal Closet System


All clothing boxes will always work for all sizes and stages of Zooby babies.

Read more information on Universal Closets.



There are many other toys and accessories available for your baby.

Explore the rest of the website to learn more!