After you name your baby and provide a gender, a baby menu is available. The menu changes and updates as your baby levels in stages. For example, a newborn menu does not have any stage buttons available because the baby has not learned anything. A stage 24 baby has already learned how to roll over and how to sit, so there is a button available to access those learned behaviors.



While you are holding your baby, the menu has other options that include multiple animation overriders allowing you to caress and rock your baby to sleep.



Within Second Life you can click any of these buttons to open sub menu buttons. Read below to learn about what each button does:


This is an example menu of a stage 24 baby    

while the baby is attached to an avatar.      

Hover Text:
Allows you to show and hide your baby’s happiness timer, show and hide the stage your baby is currently on, and show and hide your baby’s stat percentages.


Allows you to enable/disable emoticons that baby emits. Click baby, select Emoticons. Click OFF to shut emoticons off , click ON to turn emoticons on.


Allows you to stop or play all sounds, or toggle specific sounds. Sounds change as your baby grows. More sophisticated sounds are added and primal sounds are removed.


Avatar Walk:
Allows you have a feminine or masculine walk while holding your baby.


Allows you to breastfeed, burp, hold your baby in a sleeping pose, or hold your baby in a sitting pose. You can also manually move your baby and save the new position. This option is useful since all avatars have different sizes and varied heights.


Allows you to add parents and friends to your baby. Parents and friends can care for your baby and raise your baby’s happiness.


Allows you to place a pacifier on or off, place a blanket on or off, change eye color (at stage 24), place a diaper on or off, and wear a variety of hats and animal ears. Additional hats and animal ears are sold separately.


Allows your baby to wear 12 free outfits, offers option to remove all clothing, and modifies your baby’s arms and legs to have a wide shirt or pant option. Additional clothing is sold separately.


A baby cannot play stages while attached.