Zooby Babies | Baby Info: Age & Gender






After you purchase and rez your baby, you then determine the gender. At any stage you can put a dress or pants on your baby. At stage 24, your baby can be further customized to have long hair or different eye color.


If you make a mistake or change your mind about the gender of your baby, you can pick up a free Baby Retrieval Box at Zoobyville, located on the right when you enter the Zooby’s Babies store. The Retrieval Box replaces your baby and allows you to reset its gender.




At Zoobyville you can purchase a newborn that starts at Stage 0 or a baby that starts at stage 24. Both newborns and babies can grow up to stage 63 with Baby Brain Booster Stars. Newborns are smallest in size and have not learned any Stages. Babies are a little larger and have learned 24 Stages.