Updating the Zooby Baby 6.0 or higher:

Notices are sent through the Zooby's Babies group & the Babies themselves when there are updates available. Babies are updated for free.


Rez your baby from inventory

Accept the update box that will be offered to you after you rez your baby

Click the update box
Select the baby you own from the update box menu that needs updating
Click YES to update

Your old model baby will derez and the new updated one will appear


If you're not offered an update box & your baby is version 6.0 or higher, you may update your baby by using a free Baby Retrieval Box. Baby Retrieval Boxes are located at Zoobyville in the Zooby’s Babies Store.


If you're having trouble locating your 6.0 baby or higher, try using a free Baby Retrieval Box.


If you're trying to update a 5.0 baby or lower & you receive a message that this baby has already been updated, please use a a free Baby Retrieval Box to get your baby back. 


Updating the Zooby Baby 5.0 or lower:


Please make sure you do not have Carrie Tatsu accidently blocked.  If you do have Carrie Tatsu blocked, you will
not be able to receive anything from her, her servers, or her vendors.


To check this, go to your People tab (CTRL + SHIFT+ A). At the lower left corner of the window, there is a little
wheel with an upside-down triangle, click that and select Show Blocked Residents & Objects.


To unblock a person or object from the block list, select their name & click Unblock from the menu.


Some people miss the inventory offer from the update server.  Please check the upper right hand corner of your
screen.  Click to open any little boxes you find there.  If you have been offered the item from the server and
missed, it you will find it there.


To get the update, you must rez the actual full version Ultimate Zooby Baby (not the partner baby) from your
inventory.  The partner babies that parents received for free with their pre 6.0 Ultimate Zooby Babies purchase are not eligible for upgrades.  They are not full versions of Zooby babies.  They were created with the sole purpose of
being held by the partner as pre 6.0 Zooby Babies were no transfer.


Put your baby back into inventory, teleport to a different sim (you can try to teleport to Zoobyland), then
attach baby while on that sim.


The servers reset every 12 hours, so try rezzing from inventory again at least 12 hours later to see if you get your
update then.





Updating Furniture & Accessories:


Notices are sent through the Zooby's Babies Group and the babies themselves when there are updates available. If you've been away from Second Life for a while, or haven't joined the Zooby's Babies Group, then you may want to check if there are any updates available!


Free updates are offered for the following items: Babies, Cribs, Changing Tables, Bath Tubs, Universal Closets, Snug Seats, Single and Double Strollers, Pram Carriages.



To update your Zooby Baby Furniture or Accessory, follow these steps:



Rez the full prim (not the low prim) version from your inventory.


Accept the updated item.


If you accidently decline instead of accept the updated item(s), please follow the above steps again.



If you know that your item needs an update, but when you rez it from inventory it's not sending you a new one:



Check again to make sure that you're rezzing the full prim (not low prim) version.

2. The servers reset every 12 hours so try rezzing from inventory again at least 12 hours later to see if you get your update then.

If for any reason you've tried the above and still have not received your update, please contact a Zooby CSR for further assistance.



Baby Carriers and old Baby Closets for specific babies are not eligible for free updates. These items have been completely redesigned. If you would like the new Baby Carriers or Universal Closets, you will need to purchase them from Zoobyville.