Baby Policies

If you're unsure of your items and have any doubts or questions, it is best to contact a Zooby CSR before you make your purchase(s). The Zooby CSR is there to help & is happy to assist you and answer all of your questions. Current Zooby CSR are EllaWysh Resident & Rhyannon Paragorn.

There are NO refunds or exchanges on any of Zooby Baby no transfer items.   This includes but is not limited to
hair, furniture, strollers, carriers, snugseats, closets, & more. 


You have 5 days to exchange a transferable item.  Please make sure you provide us with the transaction
information that pertains to the purchase you're inquiring about or having an issue with.   We must verify the
purchase so we are better able to assist you.


Zooby's does not offer refunds.  



Risk of Purchasing Babies from Third Parties



It is best to purchase the Zooby Baby directly from Zooby's Babies at Zoobyville.  This guarantees the validity of your baby and provides you with Zooby customer support if there is a problem with your baby. 



Zooby Babies does NOT offer support for babies purchased from 3rd parties or adoption centers.  Zooby's is NOT responsible and will NOT retrieve or replace a baby for you that you purchased from a 3rd party.  If you purchase your Zooby baby from anyone other then Carrie Tatsu, then you assume full responsibility for the loss of that baby.



Be careful when passing your baby to another resident.  Once you transfer your baby to another resident, that resident owns your baby.  When you pass your Zooby baby, you assume the risk of not getting your baby back from that person. 



There is no way for someone to pick up & take your baby without your consent.   The only way to transfer ownership of your baby is if you choose to sell or pass your baby to someone.