Lost or Stolen Baby

If you lost your baby, start by using a free Baby Retrieval Box. Baby Retrieval Boxes are located at Zoobyville in the Zooby’s Babies Store (to the right of the entrance in the store.)



How to Use a Retrieval Box

Rezz the retrieval box
Click on the box (do not open the box)
Select your baby's name from the menu
Click on the retrieval box
Is should rez your baby for you and the box disappear



Please never pass your baby to someone you do not know and trust. Once you pass your baby to someone else, then your baby becomes their baby. Zooby’s does not recover babies for you once ownership has been transferred.  If you decide to transfer your baby, remember that you do so at your own risk. Zooby’s will not be responsible nor will Zooby’s offer you support in these situations.



Helpful Ways to Avoid Losing Your Baby:


If you have your baby attached and you would like him rezzed on the ground, please right click and drop him. 
He will detach from your avatar and sit on the ground next to you.


If you would like to detach your baby and have him in your inventory, right click and detach, but wait about 5-10
seconds before teleporting to another sim.


If you detach your baby and she winds up in your inventory and not in any particular folder, please do NOT move
her.  Quit SL and then relog.  Usually she automatically moves herself to your Objects folder, Lost and Found
folder, or Trash.


If you think your baby is somewhere in your inventory, click the Search button in your inventory and type your
baby's name.


Make sure you always click the Leave option on toys and furniture before attaching your baby or picking them up
into inventory.