Zooby Affiliates


A Zooby Affiliate is someone that creates and sells ten or more Zooby Baby scripted outfits and Zooby Baby scripted wearable accessories.  An Affiliate must have their own store or can rent a shop on Zoobyville (if available).  A Zooby Affiliate must be approved by a Zooby CSR.


Making Affiliate Clothing and Accessories


Teleport to the Zooby's Baby Kits Store @ Zoobyville. It is located to the left of the Zooby’s Babies store. You will find several kits for sale that include instructions, templates, and sculpts to create and sell your own Zooby Baby clothing, hats, shoes, glasses, wings, tails, and bedding. In the future, more kits will become available.


Becoming a Zooby Affiliate


Create ten unique Zooby Baby outfits and/or accessories (outfit creation is encouraged).


Have a store set up.


You cannot name your store Zooby's.  You can refer to your store as an Affiliate Clothing Store for Zooby's Babies.  So if your store is named "Pretty Boutique," then you would name your store,  "PRETTY BOUTIQUE, an Affiliate Clothing Store for Zooby's Babies."


We offer rent space on Zoobyville for residents who are interested in selling baby clothing. The price is $600 per week for 100 Prims. You must sell Zooby Baby clothing to rent a store at Zoobyville.


IM EllaWysh Resident and send her a landmark to your store so that she may visit your store and confirm eligibility to become an affiliate. You should receive a reply within 24 hours.


Once completed, send Carrie Tatsu a notecard that includes the name of your store, your name, a landmark to your store, and an open permission 256x256 (square) logo for your store. To qualify for the Affiliate Board at Zoobyville, your store needs a  minimum of ten Zooby Baby outfits available for purchase.  Zooby Baby accessories do not count toward this.


You are not allowed to advertise your store or merchandise in the Zooby's Babies group chat. Twice per week (Tuesday & Friday) EllaWysh Resident will post Affiliate Ads to the Zooby group free of charge. If you would like to have your notecard ad posted through the group, you may drop a full perm notecard in the Affiliate Ads mailbox in front of the Zooby's Baby Kits Store @ Zoobyville. EllaWysh Resident does not directly accept affiliate ad notecards. You must be a member of the Zooby's Babies group and have your group tag active to use the mailbox. Your notecard ads should include the name of your store, the date, textures to display your (new) items, and a current landmark to your store.


(If you would like to see some samples of notecard ads and are a member of the Zooby's Babies group, you may open up the group chat window, then click 'Group Profile.' Select 'Notices' and scroll through the notices looking for an affiliate ad post.  Once you find one, click to highlight it and select 'Open attachment' to receive the notecard full of ads.)


If your store closes or moves, you must notify EllaWysh Resident & Carrie Tatsu. Please send a landmark to the new location along with a notecard indicating the name of your store & the change made. This is necessary so we can update the information on the Affiliate Board, as well as the Affiliates landmark notecard that gets sent out to the Zooby's Babies group.