There are many Zooby Baby scripted accessories that allow you to give your baby a customized appearance. All accessories except Zooby Baby Hair will work on any stage baby. You can purchase a variety of shoes and boots from Zoobyville and participating affilate stores.


Shoes and boots have several different options and styles such as sneakers, rounded-toe maryjanes, and rain boots. They replace your baby's current shoes only, and do not change the rest of the outfit! Some styles also come with optional leggings that can be worn with or without the shoes.


To use a Zooby Baby Shoe Box, follow the steps below:


1. Rez your baby. Rez a shoe box. Click the shoe box and click Select Baby.




2. The shoe box looks for surrounding babies and lists them in the menu. Select your baby.




3. After you select your baby, the shoe box provides several options. Select Boots On or Shoes On.



Boots On - Places only the boots on your baby
Leggings On - Places only the leggings on your baby
Bare Legs - Removes boots and leggings off your baby
Select Baby - Allows you to reselect a baby