There are many Zooby Baby scripted accessories that allow you to give your baby a customized appearance. All accessories except Zooby Baby Hair will work on any stage baby. Hair colors and styles are only available for babies that are stage 24 and above.


Hair boxes are sold at Zoobyville according to the model baby you own. There are pictures above shelves displaying the model of baby wearing their default hair color with the various styles of hair available.


If you are uncertain about what model baby you own or which hair to purchase, please contact a Zooby CSR for assistance. The Zooby Baby Hair is non transferable. There are no refunds or exchanges if you purchase the wrong hair.


To use Zooby Baby Hair, follow the steps below :


1. Rez your baby. Rez a hair box. Click the hair box and click Select Baby.




2. The hair box looks for surrounding babies and lists them in the menu. Select your baby.




3. After you select your baby, the hair box provides several options. Select Style On.



Style On - Places the hair style on your baby
Style Off - Removes the hair style
Band Off/On - Puts a head band on or off
Side Bangs - Displays side bangs
Center Bangs - Displays center bangs
No Bangs - Removes bangs
Select Baby - Allows you to reselect a baby
Default - Places your baby’s default hair back on

Color - Changes only the color hair of your baby,

but does not replace the style.